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Specializing in:Emergency Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services Since establishing in 2009, we have become one of the leading plumbing services in Miami, FL. We work to your complete satisfaction and won’t leave until the job is done right and to your standards. We operate our business based on honesty, integrity and to the highest of customer satisfaction. We have had countless referrals from our previous clients because we work with them through every step of the process

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Plumbing System Installation

Have you found yourself in the middle of a plumbing situation? Plumbing problems are often the most concerning of all home repairs due to the amount of damage that can occur in such a short amount of time.

If left unattended for even a few hours, your entire flooring and drywall can be affected costing you money that you weren’t prepared to spend.

24Hrs Ez Plumbing Repair & Services offers 24 hour emergency plumbing services.

We understand that plumbing situations don’t always happen on 9-5 weekday time frame.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Are you finding that your sewer is causing you a lot of trouble dealing with clogs and rotten smells? You may have a block in your sewage line. Here at Ez Plumbing Repair & Services, we provide assistance to fix this problem in no time

Residential Properties

Commercial Properties

Hotel and Condo Plumbing

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a term used to explain the process in which plumbing professionals clean sewage lines that have smelly odors or are slow running. The procedure involves blasting high pressured water into the sewage line freeing it of any type of clog.




Kitchen Sink Stoppages

When starchy foods or foods with fibrous structures are sent down the disposal they can slip right past the blades and clog the small drain line. This is particularly frequent with potato, onion skin, and cucumber peels, although many food products and byproducts could potentially cause it.

The clog usually has to be removed by loosening the drain pipe.

Physically removing the jam

If the sink is full you’ll need a bucket to catch the water from the sink once the clog is cleared.

Leak Problems we Fix It

It is something related to your “should be” dry climate but there is always a mushy ground around your house. Abnormally soft ground could represent a broken water line that’s draining directly into the earth around your home. Allowing the leak to go unfixed will not only keep your yard soggy, but could eventually lead to the earth to shift, causing costly harm to your foundation.

Make sure you contrast bills over a time period of time.

If you hear the sound but know all things are switched off, you must have a leak under your home or into the walls.

Turn off all your water devices for a while and check your water meter.

Grease Trap & Septic Tank

Here at Ez Plumbing Repair & Services, we provide commercial grease trap and jetting services for commercial properties in Miami, Miami Beach, all of Broward County, FL, and surrounding areas.

Cleaning drain lines

Check for steady water flow

Cleaning sewer drains

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Every branch is locally owned and operated, with full support from Laser national management.

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  • Totally Dependable Guarantee
  • Local branches, national coverage
  • Expert help when you need it

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